1-shell detail

I want to make art from what settles itself here.  With a shed full of old windows given by the friend who built our new bedroom (he KNEW they would find a home here by the rot and rust contained therein; the windows, not our house), they are evocative framing devices.  Yes, they have been used in crafty circles, but I mean to push them to sculpture.

Cannot say that sanding and painting is as calming and nurturing as my stitching used to be, but this is a different time, a different place, almost a different planet.  Eons ago when in grad school, my professor had trouble herself adding to “the crap in the world”,  she said.  Always remembered that.  My embroidered work was supported in part from the flea market—fabric and floss were often procured there, but the stretchers and frames were new.  Not good.

Windows and shadows, especially shadows are of interest.  The real and the fabricated.

1-naked frame

See the way this window frame casts a shadow on the cement floor of the barn when a light source is introduced?  This will be part of my imagery on the bottom frame in this composition.  I painted the brass element to the left with clear acrylic so it will stay bright.


Dark tile creates the shadows on the lower panel, and areas of shadow on the frame itself have been drawn in with graphite.  All wood is then covered with gloss acrylic, making the shabby surfaces seem intentional.  Finished.

1-partially done

Aqua tiles reflect secondary shadows. Original rope ties the two frames together front to back at the top and bottom.


I may add another linear element across the whole image.

1-corner of shellz

Each window had a locking device on it, and I added more.

1-extra hardware

1-new piece