1-glenn carrying tree

OK, so Glenn marked an item off his “honey-do” list.  It’s so fine to have a man around the house!  We got busy late in the day yesterday and really productive.

Since our great two day ice storm of 2004, and the death of an enormous pine very near the house, the worrying sentry is now down, riddled with termites and looking like lacy paper:  the reason Glenn could throw such a large chunk over his shoulder.


Living alone here then (how did I do that?), my insurance company and FEMA spent a lot of money on all the damage that was done here.  “Nature’s pruning” did a job on us and we cleaned up around here for years.   Hired men to go through the woods with chain saws and cut fallen trees into pieces that I could pick up to burn.

But many dead things still stood with potential energy.  For nine years the tall pine stood, or almost so.  New friends came out soon after the storm, one the famous Gene Eidson of “The Intelligent River” project.

I was in the middle of the renovation of this house.  We three, along with Doug Rabold, my art dealer in Aiken sat on the back porch of the new house, then the front, then at the pool.  I loved it and questioned it at the same time!  Why were we three old farts deriving so much pleasure from sitting and contemplating vistas?

Anyway, Gene, the superman of interdisciplinary thinking and much more than that, commented that surely I knew that the pine would not be as heavy as it is now when it finally fell.  And that it would fall down in chunks.  I had never thought that far and that logically, not being Gene Eidson.

And so nature responded just the way Gene predicted.  And Glenn got the tree safely down last night.

1-glenn and fire

Something else was said that day by the other genius, Doug.  I spoke about enclosing the area under the roof by applying a fascia board to the tails supporting the roof of the house.  That of course would hide the tails.  Doug said he always found that they looked like a string of pearls.  He is right.

1-front of house