Glenn saw this truck at the Bi-Lo last week. It reminded him of a place we wanted to take our outlaws, who would be visiting.  It seems that every time Mr. Pendarvis gets a new truck, it is painted up for advertising.  You never know when an alien might be hovering over the Bi-Lo, needing a place to stay in the area.

ufo truck

middle truck ufo

older truck ufo

As they say here, we “carried” our outlaws over to Bowman to see the Center and proved to all the old familiar statement made by James Pettigrew long ago. You know, the one about South Carolina being a large insane asylum. The insanity goes well beyond our local politics, which is the darkest part of the dark side. But this curiosity seems light years more positive than SC politics and even trumps the work of “SETI” ( ); we are welcoming visitors. Southerners, if nothing else, are gracious.

ufo 10

ufo 9

The  creation resembles the 1950s profile of an alien ship, silver-like, decomposing, with signage.  As you can see in comparison with the more recently built ship in the photo featuring the orange truck, this alien motel is on the decline.

ufo 4

ufo 11

ufo 7

The rocket-like shape that points to the front entrance of the ship is now painted over.  An older picture says “UFO-MAN”.

ufo man

And sometimes the outdoor furniture has to be replaced.

blue couch

Visitors are guided out to I-95 which is how everybody gets out of here.

ufo 5