Several years ago, our son was running track for a private school.  This school was populated by students who learn differently.  Each student had his individual needs and classes were very small.  Garrett maxed out as to what he could accomplish there and is now in public vocational school.  For many, this does not happen; they graduate and some even go on to college.  For some, the goals are totally different.

1-pics from garrett's camera, glenn and lee 311

There’s Garrett at the starting line, #335.  We were in the area of Lake Marion in SC at a beautiful park where they participated in a meet with several other schools.  They competed with small schools in this part of the state.  Before attending this school, Garrett participated in Special Olympics.

1-pics from garrett's camera, glenn and lee 206

Garrett has never had any trouble being a Special Olympian, but his private school wanted nothing to do with that program.

After the meet, most of the team and parents went to a kind of famous little barbeque place in Lone Star.

lone star

This place has even been on the Food Network.  I don’t think this food was as good as other places in Orangeburg CountyBarbeque should be a pure experience:  shredded pork, rice and hash, cole slaw and tea only.  This place in Lone Star serves a much bigger menu.  Depends on what you are used to.

interior lone star

We sat in this room, four parents and three students at our table.   In conversation, I realized that each of these boys had a sibling twice their age.  At least sixteen years older.  Totally anecdotal, but very interesting to contemplate.