Where have I been?  Where are the results of my creativity?  Where is the progress on the shower, the brickwork, the gardens?  Why am I not writing?

I have been down the black hole of technology, smacking down my long time personal demon, one that has never been extinguished because it changes all the time:  photography.  Well not technically “smacking down” this devil,  maybe, punching it into some kind of temporary shape.  After squeezing out a serviceable photo or two, my old lame inability leaps over me like that huge ephemeral genie out of the tiny vessel ( or camera)  and  fills like smoke all niches of this old farmhouse.  And I run screaming into the sunset.

Ah, bane of my existence, itch that I cannot scratch, in recent years you have gained equally surly partners: commands that make no sense, forms I cannot fill out. CDs that don’t burn, and are they like DVDs?  One can make an argument that if you cannot photograph your work, you might as well not make it.  And if you are not present and able on the web, well you can just forget it.

Do you have an on line presence where I can see your work?  Such a simple question!  NOOOOO, all my work looks like crap on line.  It is either too big or too small to photograph well.  What is wrong with me?

There is an opportunity for me here in nearby Columbia.  The city wants a mosaic.  It is a perfect surface, and an idea came to me.  For the past couple of weeks, the idea has been transferred to physical form, and then the government application had to be filled out.  On line.  Baahh.


Here is the space all 16′ by almost 9′ of it.  Virgin cinder block, perfect.  This is why I was working so hard.

The submission is complete, done, out of my hands and into theirs.

In the middle of all this work, another almost lost commission has been taken off the back burner and will happen after Christmas.


1-1-manning 5

Look at this horrible photography!  These drawings are for a chapel in a hospital in a small town going towards the beach from here.  The mosaic will be 8′ x 4′, with the arched line at the top.  The resulting image will be a cross between these two drawings.  Yes, cypress swamp.


It is November 4, and we still are using the new outdoor shower.  Or Glenn is.  I have run into logistical problems.  OK, so Glenn has no hair.  I do.  We both have to shave in the shower, Glenn less than me ( he has to get rid of the odd late bloomer).  Glenn does not have to shampoo.  So, women do more stuff in the shower than men, most of the time.

Mud is created in the new gardens around the shower when it is on.  I cannot sit in mud and tend to my legs.  It just seems so wrong.   And we need a way to store shower stuff outside so it cannot be seen.

An old Mexican made window pot placed under the bench will do a great job containing and hiding shower stuff.

Of course, tile will have to be put on bench, maybe words this time?  And see the blank area on the shower bottom next to the bench? That is a perfect cement plane and tile can be added there too.  Visually the bench and that part of the shower bottom could interact.
In the first picture above, the papyrus and ginger lilies transplanted earlier this summer are doing well, but are only a shadow of what they will be.  The ginger lilies are blooming!  They never had before; they were in another garden and had too much shade for their needs.  I already cannot wait for spring to come.