My search skills are not good enough;  I know these are around.  Within six months, we have two.  One is completely contemporary and another is from World War ll.  They both play with space and depict a place.  They identify individuals as being in that space, whether they were or not.  They are almost frivolous, but refer to serious events.

The one from the war is a post card, with appropriate markings on the back;  this one was not mailed.  So there was down time during the war, and photos were created to prove it.   Soldiers visited a shoppe in London and had their pictures made.  Wonder if they had a choice of themes.  These men must have been friends of my husband’s stepfather; the postcard was found in his memorabilia.


One found courtesy of  http://www.photo-sleuth.blogspot.com  is similar but more a “vacation on the shore” experience  than a memorable event. The author dates this at 1905-10 and the idea of flying was on the cusp and here reflected in fantasy.   This example is not as simple as standing on your own and the space is manipulated in the graphic that is around you.  We see this man’s body as he sits on a bench of some sort and there is a graphic in front of him and behind him.

The most interesting result found on the web is the opposite in structure and reflects WW l.   Twenty-one thousand soldier bodies combine to make one face of Woodrow Wilson.  Pointillism.  And all those faces/bodies inserted into a wartime context.

woodrow wilson

The following is our contemporary example,  where Glenn and I are standing next to each other, and that truth is manipulated nicely by the graphic.  In 2013, many events in Columbia referred to the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders, and we both had work in an exhibition dedicated to that theme.


Glenn adds to the reference in the photo; he pushes his fedora back slightly indicating a sultry southern heat.   I don’t merge as well with my dangling rhinestones (in fact this is not a good look at all for Freedom Riders).   Who knew we were going to have this opportunity?