It occurred to me that the “big picture” in this work was not coming across.  Spending too much time on details, the long view was not recorded.  My bad.  There is a cluster of cement pots, some pairs, some not,  on either side of the steps that lead down into the pool.  The biggest ones have yucca in them.  There are also azaleas and rosemary.

Looking at this picture, it is amazing how ugly the bare cement is around the pool.

1-bad cement

In the background of this picture is my studio, although most of my work is being done in the barn now. We do clean work:  mat cutting, framing,  etc in this building.  From the pool, you step into a little wooden greenhouse, and then into the studio.

1-shadows 2

The yuccas cast the most interesting shadows.  Some planters contain annuals so they are empty for some months of the year.  In the image above, you can see cracking taking place in the area where the pots stand.  As I work, repairs are being done, and tile laid over.  In last year’s work, the repairs have held.  We are not going to move the biggest pot.  Tile will be laid around it.

Also in the picture above you can see the problem that I have set up for myself.  There is already a tile rug (terra cotta and whitish) laid under a square table which is at the very top of this picture.  The area where I am working that is getting browner is going to have to lighten up to connect with the whitish border around the terra cotta rug.  Will be fun to figure out!


So why am I writing instead of laying tile?  Raining outside!


Pretty soon, it will not be fun working with water outside.  Things need to be grouted up tightly at the pool.  Then I will begin with the shower in the new bathroom.  Its portland cement bottom is being created today by a real expert:  the man who taught me to lay tile.

White grout will be added here to this area that is slowly getting more beige (or whatever.  I think names for colors is just silly.  How can a name describe a color and value?).

This tile rug was created last week in an effort really to simply take up some space on a huge pool deck.  The outdoor table will sit here.  The flea market provided the jewels and I usually listen to the universe when she offers something up.

In all my work, whether textiles or this, I like to see a frenzy kind of settle down into strict pattern in places.  That is the reason for the little vignettes of rectangles here.

The orangey center of this rug will be grouted with a color called “malt”, half of it is now, in addition to about a foot of the white tile  around that center.  Then I will start in with white grout beyond.

So with the addition of the white grout, this whole area will get brighter as it works out and away.  And another subtle change is happening on those outer edges.

This tile is from the Crossville Tile Company of Crossville, Tennessee.  They have an area of experimental or damaged tile that they give to art teachers.  I often stop when going across I-40, and got these kind of screen printed examples there.  Breaking these up creates a subtle difference in the area surrounding the rug proper.

At the bottom of the image above you can see the screen printed tile.