Makes a collection?  These lamps are nothing but audacious.  Perfect kitch.  Below is my first lamp of this sort.

1-garrett's lamp

The light comes from inside the big spiral shell.  It is a soft, hazy pink.  The shells are imbedded in plaster, and then the plaster is painted.  They are quite heavy for their size.  Not at the beach a lot, these were new to me when I moved east.

1-lee's lamp

Above is my second lamp.  It was marked with a very old tag, “9.99”.  Cannot remember how much I paid, but not near that.  The light comes from behind the two glittered and glitzy sea forms behind the plastic dolphins.

1-lee's second lamp

Although it doesn’t look like it here, this lamp is almost twice as big as the first two; around 12 inches at the base.  This base has the most deliberate painting on it, and two plastic parts, similar to the dolphins in the second lamp.  I paid eight dollars for it yesterday, and think it quite a deal!  Light comes from inside both big shells.

1-chalk dogs

Are two life-sized carnival chalk dogs enough for a collection?