It has been a portable accommodations desert since my last discovery of retro metal lawn chairs.  The last one Glenn found at the county waste disposal site needed a lot of work.  But it was FREE—the best!  We have not addressed its broken legs yet which is awful as its seat and back are among the most intact we have.  Maybe when one is forced to pay for something, the repair is more insistent.


Today was a really fine morning for me at the flea market, but my partner came home with every bit of his money.  Sometimes that happens.  More money slipped from mine than usual between lawn chairs, sculpture raw materials, a fine chalk figure, and a cement lotus.


Hard to believe, but there are spaces on this acreage that do not have a composition of old lawn chairs and gliders positioned so one can contemplate either nature or their navel.  I have been working behind the pool and beside the newly moved silo, and unfortunately there were no lawn chairs for that space.  The path below is now finished and a fig tree planted to the left of this area.


Now that space will have two fine figures, and these are of a design never seen by me.  The backs and seats of the chairs are punched through with a series of capsule-like shapes.  The ones in the middle of the backs and seats look like the three tiny staggered windows that used to be on the front doors of tract houses back in the fifties.  The chairs look rusty here, but they are very solid.  They have lived outside lives nicely.  The holes in chairs do much more than make them beautiful.  They get water out of places where it might corrode the metal.  My earlier “free” find bent at the knees because water was allowed to settle there.  Those spots are like Achilles’ heel for outdoor furniture.


This bar at the front of the seat on these chairs is new to me as well.  It may be simply a design choice, but water can gather underneath the front of the bottom plane if the metal is curled under to finish it.  These chairs seem to me to be of a cleaner design than those of the 1940s.  They might nudge towards 1960 in dating.


This fine little pond accessory still had its original price tag on it.  It is from Henri Studio, Palatine, Il., and is a cement lotus flower.  It is dated 1987.  I have an email into the company now for information as to how to best hook it up.  It is extremely heavy and the sprayer is copper, just under the normal size of a water hose.


1-basket 1

My friend Zoe does not read blogs.  So our secret is safe.  Having posted about my cool laundry basket before, and dissing myself about not buying all that the vendor had, for ten dollars each, my “bad” created my New Year’s resolution.  When finding something cool, at a good price, buy all of them.

This vow came around when Zoe mentioned she would have loved one.  Dammit.  It would have been so easy, and she is such a thoughtful gift-giver.

Meanwhile, my older stepson has started cleaning up houses and apartments that have been abandoned.  He finds old tools, canning jars, old signs, etc.  He has been calling Glenn about pricing to antique dealers.

He is on a learning curve, and we are glad he understands it.  He sold an old sign that he found to a dealer last week, and got fifteen dollars for it.  Happy guy.  This week when he went back to sell some more, the sign had a price of 179.50 on it.  Bummer, but he is learning.

One thing he found was way beyond his experience.  Collapsible, made of wire, on four legs with rollers.  I knew immediately and Glenn told him my story about the ten dollar basket.  Geoff does not use computers, so Glenn got on Ebay.

We were amazed at the prices.  There was one last week for 250, but it is now gone.

laundry basket 80.00

This one is like ours, but has no wheels.  Offered for 89.00

laundry basket 89

This one is offered for the same price as the former, but with wheels (and wheels are a MUST).

laundry basket 119.00

This basket is a little different, and sells for 119.00.

laundry basket 165.00

165.00 for this one, white, with no wheels.

laundry basket 71

This basket, with a more professional picture,  is offered for 71 dollars, 92 dollars, and 124 dollars, as both “vintage” and “new”,  using the exact same image.   Ebay says many people are watching the one offered for 71.  And no wheels.

Long story short, I have myself a basket for Zoe, a vintage one, and for a great price—family discount!