Interesting exercise.


Bought the laurels above for almost nothing, played with them for a couple of years, and gave up.  It is too hot here for Mountain Laurels, and they all developed holes in their leaves.  So not a lot of money was lost.


Neither was it with all these Agave.  They all come from one mother, which is in another place on the acreage.  These love the sun here.  Same pots on the columns; common Prickly Pear is in them now.  This pool environment has lots of spiky things, counterintuitively.


The Holly bushes on either side of the entry gate must be about two years old here.  A plywood box covers the machinery for the pool.


Above, the hollies make a tunnel over the gate.  Brick has been added to the entry, tile to the pool deck and a little silo to cover the pool equipment. Confederate Jasmine almost covers the back fence now.  It was completely covered about four years ago, so much so that its density absorbed garden space and we had to start over.


This is Sidney’s Live Oak, planted in 1997, the year he died.  Look at the sandy soil.  It is only with a system and a well that we can have grass.


Here is the adolescent live oak today.  Have more of these, it takes some work to photograph and crop to make a good comparison.



Enjoying our current spring featuring no late freeze, my Facebook friends and I are posting amazing works of Nature, almost perfect.  I have not seen our acreage of bloomers ever producing this well.  There is a subconscious river of conversation about azaleas, roses and the like running through my dark spaces.  Is “one” of something ever enough? This morning, I thought not.

I have a huge Lady Banks.  It couldn’t be better.  Moved it from an old dead tree on the edge of our woods about ten years ago.  They can do well on an old tree armature; have seen it done.  My dead tree on the edge of the woods was not positioned for full sun, so moving it to the side of the back porch made it more available for admiration and for sun.   First year moved, I counted four blossoms.  You know, sleep, creep, leap!



This climber is not near at its height of the season yet.

A white rose a friend gave me two years ago is almost in bloom for this year.


During last year’s growing season, I was whacking it down every month.  Janet gave it to me because it was too big for her garden.  It is getting too big for mine too, but my mind went another way.  It occurred to me that this must be a mislabeled Lady Banks!  True, the flowers are bigger than my other Lady Banks, but with the speed it has grown during my ownership, what else could it be?


For its size,  the simple little zig-zag of “invisible”gardener’s fencing was not enough.  We had this broken bed.  This is what we will modify to accommodate the climbing rose, after it blooms this season.  Agreed.  Something tugged at me though. This big white rose had almost two inch thorns. That, gentlemen, is no Lady!

Came home from my run yesterday down Todd Creek Road.  Told Glenn that there was a middle sized Lady Banks bush in the area where we foraged for some Wisteria years ago.  The purple blooms must go for 4-5 hundred feet along the road, smelling and looking like paradise.  Had to have the rose, although there is no sunny spot on any of our three buildings that could accommodate a bush as big as our current Lady.  I thought maybe my daughter could use it.


Glenn took his newly licensed old Jeep down the road and here he is with the bush loaded into the back.  See the Wisteria in the background?


It wasn’t difficult to dig up, Glenn always has the right tools.  Wish we had a picture of our zooming down the country road with the white-flowered limbs stretching out behind us.


Above Glenn has emptied the bush in the back of the house.  I went inside.  Five minutes later he came in and looked at me as if I had mud all over my face, and didn’t know it.  Asking what was wrong,  he said that bush is not a Lady Banks! There are no roses, there are clusters of tiny white flowers!  Gobsmacked, I looked.  It was a big damn Bridal Veil bush, and I have three already.  My Bridal Veils are just starting to bloom, below.


See the difference?

white bridal veil

Bridal Veil

white lady banks

Lady Banks Rose


New bush in its new spot.