Side table

This is a small table in service to a chair. It sits next to the chair and absorbs its overflow. It might contain a small side table landscape. Its importance is in relation to the chair.

I see no reason why my work with chairs shouldn’t flow into side tables. Perhaps one day, I might create a whole dining set. Juries currently like this kind of work.

Side Table 2019
24″ x 17″ x 9″

This piece contains a chair leg which was very much water-damaged. At my source for chair parts, I have tried to stay away from pieces that are crumbling from damage. One got by my observation. It is on the far left here. I fed it into my sander until the crumbs flew away, and then started sanding lines into the hard wood that remained.

Now I want to do more of this, but no sufficiently damaged legs are here. Damn. This piece uses a couple of lengths of a wooden crutch, which have nice subtle lines. There is one piece of a Tinker Toy which is the first one I’ve seen since hunting for wood.

Holes in the wooden parts help unify the design. There are holes in the Tinker Toy part, the crutch parts, and one big hole surrounded by a handle.

Having booked an exhibition in New York state in a venue which brags of owning only two pedestals, I am now experimenting with making some out of used palettes. My husband introduced me to the tool of the “pry bar”. It is lethal and unpredictable. Use only at your own risk!

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