This blog has a stuffy nose.  “Viral” is the description of a blog gone wild; that does not apply to this one.  A lesser disease would be in order.  My 15 minutes of fame is more like 4 minutes of fame.

Methinks my discussion of parking at the Ponce City Market has touched a nerve.


Never got so many hits.  May have wandered into a commercial dilemma that needs teasing out.  I know the discussion has been happening.  I have sources.

It involves that most American of all needs:  the car.  And where to put it.

ponce 3

Ponce City Market on the street side is massive and impressive.  On each corner of the building is a cool retro sign designating parking entrance.

ponce sign

Herein lies the rub.  Americans love their cars.  And we need them sometimes.  IF the Ponce City Market were designed simply for urban types, walking types, biking types, even they sometimes need a car post Ponce purchase.  And that could cost money.  We hate that.  We are used to getting that for free.

ponce parking

These surface spaces are free for thirty minutes, after you go home to get your car to carry those cool retro fans you got at Rejuvenation.  This is good, even if the returning to Ponce part is a little clumsy.

ponce parking 2

Human nature must be considered.  This other underground parking system which was once free, is now not and costs fifty cents a half hour.  Not bad really.  It is the pre-pay that is counter intuitive, and it might not be the best consideration for shopping.  Sometimes we must “flow”.  And we do not want a parking ticket.


Here we are, lusting after enamel ware or something just as cool in the interior window at Williams-Senoma Home, and the phone alarm rings.  No more time for you!  Missed opportunity, sorry.


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