One day we will all be dead.  And that will be a good thing for everyone.  Those alive will then all have the same brain pathways and all technical words will be understood.  Everything will interface with everything.  Communication will be made, and thoughts exchanged.


If it isn’t difficult enough to photograph a three dimensional object, the artist has to submit work to be judged in a less than optimal format.  Why?  I have never been able to understand anything unless I know why.  The image above has lots of pixels, the image below, not so many.  The lower IS a smaller image and so that is making up some of the pixel slack.  But I bet when projected, this image will be awful.  Grainy.  Made of tiny rectangles.  And the jury wants it this way. Baaah.

another play 2

Do jurors even project any more?  Hell, I don’t know.  Last time I juried a national show, six boxes with circles of slides for a carousel projector were shipped to me.  I kept them a week and then shipped them off to the next guy.  Thought that was innovative and much cheaper than flying jurors to a single location.  We are moving fast.

Except me.  It took all day to dumb down some images, find my resume, which refuses to change format, write a statement and notes on slides which can only be sent by Zoho Docs, and only one file at a time unless I pay a fee.  The jurors want only one email and five images.   Already dead, me,  with three emails and one image attached twice by mistake.

Just had to vent.


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