Didn’t mean to take this picture, the phone did it itself.  In this case the artificial intelligence got a great shot representing our one mile walk between the Westin Hotel and Wayne State University where the Detroit Institute of Arts sits.

We didn’t want to move our car from the parking lot, and had planned to hike.  The weather was beautiful and without our hellish SC heat.  Asking the hotel clerks if it was possible to walk to the DIA, the answer was that the street was all torn up.  “Are there temporary walks beside the street?  Yes, but it is a mess.”


Each color on this sidewalk is a notation for a different system being upgraded.  The whole street is torn up and all is being improved with the added benefit of creating jobs.   A big fan of replacing the infrastructure, I was happy to see this and happy to walk.


Woodward Street is mostly not functional although once in a while there is relief for crossing cars.  In this one mile walk from the financial district to the University, there is a lot of variety in the buildings.  And many vacant lots.  We saw things we have not seen before in a city.


Gorgeous Romanesque-colored Baroque-clad churches,


featured amazing deco animals on their cornerstones.  Look at the fine numbers!


And this church was falling apart.


Another church was a part of the Underground Railroad, not falling apart.


Haven’t seen one of these in a long time.


Have you seen Tiger Stadium?  The big cats are crawling all over it, which is not recorded faithfully enough here.  You walk through huge baseball bats to enter.


Steam erupts everywhere.  I don’t get this.


Some city father observes the mess and even has his own port-a-potty.


Breath-taking flowers near the Westin.


Not so far from this gaping hole.


Or this.  Trash can be quite beautiful.


The ACLU sits beside the Fine Arts.


Do Not Enter Kresge’s.


New construction on the left looks towards the skyscrapers downtown.

detroit 40

Delightful walk to see these guys at the DIA.  Here they are with Mr. Goodyear, Chairman of the Board of the Museum of Modern Art.  These two Communists just could not stay away from Capitalists.  Led to the fight with Nelson Rockefeller.  Was reading about him on our Detroit visit.  Love when that happens.

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