Just the fact that avocados have fairly doubled in price recently is trouble enough.  We as Americans have become quite addicted to this healthy but fatty food.  When I first came to South Carolina in the early 80s at my local grocery store, they would go on sale when finally soft enough to use.  Somebody was confused or on such a diet that the avocado never entered the picture.  This was back in the days when the only bagel you could buy was a frozen one, in stores that even thought to order such a thing.  Hell, not six years ago, inquiring at the local Piggly Wiggly about refrigerated quiche mixture, the stock man (and he was old) had me repeat the word three times.  Never heard of such a thing.


But I have personal problems with avocados.  I cannot see them.  I lose them.  And with their prices these days, it does not pay to lose.  The Piggly Wiggly tricked me.  The sign said, “4 for $5” and I read it “5 for $4”.  Not bad, I thought.  Less than a dollar apiece.  Took two.  When we got to the checkout, the girl rang up @2.50.  Then I realized mistakes had been made.  By me.

the pig

When we got home, only one avocado made it to the refrigerator.  I shuffled things around in there for a while, and figured the problem would fix itself.  Windshield wipers will do that once in a while.  Making salad last night, we revisited the issue.  Reorganized the fridge, nothing.  Glenn went out to the car and there it was under the driver’s seat.  For two days, the temperature over 100 outside each day. Who knows how hot it was in the car?

You see avocados simply do not like to be contained.  Unlike my Painted Japanese Fern, which loves to clutch onto the side of a pot for dear life, avocados are made of different stuff.  They are travelers.  You never know what their agenda is.

Usually we go to Aldi, and of course there, you have to pack your own groceries.  This is where the avocados see their chance.  Our mesh grocery bags are dark.  We pack the groceries under the hatchback of the car, also dark.  We get them in the bags, but they hide and we do not get them out on the other side of the trip.  This has happened more times than I would like to admit.  Same thing happens if I put one in a cooler bag.  Little devils.




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