It was in the nineties when the kids were adolescents that we created a colony of birds.  Always having been a cat person,  the over the top crop of cat dander carried by Pepe, the cat across the street, made my eyelids turn inside out.

We turned to birds.  On our way north for some reason, we stopped at “South of the Border” on I-95, a wild and kitschy place that never seemed to have any business when we otherwise flew by.  I saw this birdcage and cannot at this point remember if we already had birds then.  We must have.


This style came in many sizes.  The one we bought had a base of about two by six feet.  It was probably five feet tall.

birdcage two

All interior areas were connected so there was ample space for a lot of pets and we began to fill it.  That cage is…

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