We watched “A Beautiful Mind” some weeks ago. I have but a fraction of the mind capacity of that Nobel prize winner; but we share full blown experiences relating to unwanted images trailing around with us. His were a young girl that never grew up and a college roommate, mine is malware wriggling about on my new computer trying to catch my attention. Both experiences are a pain in the ass.

Dr. John Nash was separated from reality by some of the expansion within his mind. I am separated from reality because as an immigrant to the digital age, and cannot figure out my new computer. Oh, I could do it with my old Dell and the familiar Windows XP. Now I see window battles between dark vibrating updates and my virus protector. I become powerless and cannot type. They trade headlines. Big red warnings cover the screen for minutes. I cannot think where to minimize these soldiers. Before figuring out this duel, these damned updates watched me and lured me places because of my ignorance. I remember John Nash asking a student exiting his classroom if she saw two people standing behind him. He, of course, did see them. She giggled and said that she did not, as if she could not imagine such a scenario. Poor man, what a way to have to live.

But look here; this past half hour has been mind-bending. Able to write and edit without losing power and connection? Unbelievable time rewards. But still the war goes on—-Monkey King, Zulilly, Webroot battles them all. As long as it is strong, I may be able to be normal. Sometimes the good prevail.

Now to figure out the differences between good old Picasa and Google Plus. It looks like Internet Explorer cannot display that web page, shit.


Here is an old picture of me usable because it is already in my library. Upcoming, after a tutorial on uploading images, will be our new little Benjamin with hot striped socks like his mother’s mother, Ela.


  1. Lee, the more you do….the more you can do. When Oliver brought home our first computer…a little Apple SE, I hide in the closet because I thought it would capture my soul. Now I am somewhat proficient at it. You will get there….

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