Who knew?  Living on a budget because most artists have to, and to have to value creativity as an asset instead of money, does celebrating Earth Day elevate this?  Synchronicity is fabulous when one runs into it.

I remember the first Earth Day,  sadly being that old.  1970.  Another reference said 1978, but I don’t think so.  Remember the Whole Earth Catalog?


Looking at this cover and the subheading of  “access to tools”,  it was.  But it was so much more.  1969!  First published a year after the “Crack in Time” of the year 1968, things were definitely shifting.

inside whole earth

Steve Jobs said that the “Whole Earth Catalog”  was the predecessor to the internet;  he was just out of the garage by then.   Buckie Fuller became famous through it.  And those of us who were around remember the cheap paper the catalog was printed on, just like we remember Mr. Natural and “trucking on down the line”.

mr natural

Those were the days, my friend.  Go back and click on the link at the beginning of this post.  This is where I ended up.  Click on “current issue” and go to page 24.


  1. Lee, Terrific article in Blue Fish! Congrats. What a rich history you have: woman, artist, mother, survivor, carpenter, etc., etc. You remind me of a close friend who, like you, has many talents. Also, like you she can see the potential of things (like houses) and having been mentored as a girl by her father has transformed her own little cottage into something very special. She is a college professor, artist (sculptor), musician, documentary film maker, editor and writer and a most wonderful friend to me and many others who are so fortunate to know her. There are some innate quality or gene or spirit that lives in people like you and my friend. I don’t know exactly what IT is but it’s a wondrous thing for sure.

  2. thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to read my thoughts. there are people in the world, i am sure, that NEED to create, and to make a lifestyle out of it. i live in that skin. glenn, also an artist, is not at all that way. it is so interesting living with another creative individual and not see the same characteristics. in a way, this necessity can be a demon. it is almost like it is not good enough just to be “you”. a person like this continues in any venue to try to project self-worth i think. is this good enough? is this??

    i would love to know your friend, and you.

  3. Thanks Lee…got your email and you were correct in suspecting that your reply did not get forwarded to me. I think it has something to do with the different hosts of our blogs. My blog is hosted by and I think once you move to a different host, even if it’s just over to, replies no long get forwarded. No worries, though, I’m just happy we connected again.

    And, yes, I think the 3 of us would connect on so many levels.

  4. Back again… I just wanted to say that I understand the “necessity demon” and the “ego demon” (it’s never good enough). I think that most of us have both to some degree, but the difference is that you and my friend take it and make something spectacular out of it.

    I also wanted to say your husband’s metal sculptures, the 2 that adorn the front entrance of your home (one of the the pics in Blue Fish) are amazing! Cheers for now, my dear.

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