No Cooper River Bridge Run for me this year.  Something different is pulling.  Now training for it,  just after my daily run, I am also cleaning up the roads around here.  Never do only one thing at a time.  This also helps my blood pressure and bone mass.  What’s not to love?


A friend gave me a book about hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Wish I’d read something like it forty years ago.


Jennifer Pharr Davis has written a simple story of finding self,  uniting with the natural world, and therefore overcoming self.  Man, the self requires hard work!  Inspired.

Weaving through my art education is pattern.  Pattern or repetition of an action or a shape allows one to focus on that thing, and not on “self”.   Pattern is predictable, repetitive, understandable.  You are in it, like a monkey swinging from tree to tree.  Ask a weaver about the power of the beater bar.  Like a heartbeat, it is.  Running is this way for me.  Repeat the steps, lose yourself, gain enlightenment.

So it seems to me that hiking would be like running, but instead of eliminating the self, the self is trying to merge with all the variety of nature encountered.  To be part of something bigger, where self holds only a little status.

Living in the South, I can stumble over to the AT fairly quickly and hike for a couple of days.  Too old to think about the entire 2180 miles, two days with a nice hotel in between sounds good to me.

So I am running my four miles, and then walking/hiking down in the ditches on either side of the nearby two-lane.  Hoping that this will strengthen other muscles in my legs and back.  Below is today’s bounty of trash!

1-trail 2

8 thoughts on “MY INSPIRATION

  1. esther! how fine to see your name! how is everybody? i was thinking about the twins the other day. i cannot find you on facebook to request friendship—too many with the same name. will you friend me?

  2. The reason you couldn’t find me on Facebook is that I just recently ‘joined’…..under the name Nigel Peters….Will try to friend you tonight….If you look closely at the face in the photo, you will see it is me.

  3. Love that you so get it (knew you would)! Let “brady” know that Brad and I want to show you our favorites. We have all the extra gear (enough for five). Also – combining your training with eco-consciousness…love that too. See you February 11 or sooner!

    • i cannot believe experienced hikers like you would want to mess with me! just got a great deal on ebay—for nine dollars, one of those thin, flip-over AT maps, and two more hiking experience books! cannot wait until the 11th.

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