Many times I don’t think fast enough.

1-basket 1

Several years ago a vendor at the local flea market had four of these (maybe it was three).  He said that they had come directly there out of the inventory of a long closed up rural shop.  They had their original tags intact (which I stupidly did not save).  Paid ten dollars for it.  Why didn’t I buy them all?  Somebody needed a gift, Christmas is always coming.

New Years Resolution:  Whenever something old and cool jumps out at YOU, buy them all.

1-basket two

The vendor said the baskets were made in the early sixties.  They can have the shape of an hourglass, if you want, or you can pull out the middle and create a bigger basket.

1-cinched basket

I push the basket around my laundry room and feel like Betty Furness.

1-basket bottom

The base of the basket is made of angles as well, and has rollers of an old type of plastic.

1-basket closed

The top of the basket completely collapses.  Beautiful!  Looks like a Busby Berkeley water show.  Waiting for the legs to kick!

busby berkeley

6 thoughts on “MY LAUNDRY BASKET

  1. I agree with Joyce and Elaine! Very intriguing & nifty. Wonder about their original purpose? Functional art is always my favorite.

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