Everything is a composition.  We walk through them and thereby change them.  It can be invigorating or stultifying:  all these continually modified compositions.

Much art is intentional, and creators thought about it more in past times. Various kinds of craft was utilized on the surface of things.   Symbols were added to reflect ideas.  Think about old buildings; the ones some want to tear down now.

That is not to say that symbols are not important now.  Look at the viewing structure at the intersection of the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers.

1-between ohio and mississippi

This structure is simplified, but even Mark Twain would recognize this as the front of a river boat.  It is perfect for this site.  This is in Fort Defiance Park in Illinois, and in addition to the converging of the rivers,  this was a Union stronghold in the Civil War.  Pretty important piece of land.


Astronaut photo of the confluence of the Missi...
Astronaut photo of the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at Cairo, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fort Defiance, known as Camp Defiance during the American Civil War, is a former military fortification located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers near Cairo in Alexander County, Illinois. The strategic significance of the site has been known since prehistoric times with archaeological evidence of warfare dating to the Mississippian era. It is the southernmost point in the state of Illinois. Fort Defiance Park, formerly a State Park, is owned and maintained by the city of Cairo. At 279 feet (85 m) elevation, Fort Defiance Point is Illinois’ lowest point.

Below is an amazing factory.  And the heart of St. Louis with its tentacles reaching out into other venues, the St. Louis Cardinals for one.  The Germans who started this business represent a major immigration to this part of the country.


The buildings within this complex are not short on symbols or surface decoration.  It is not “fluff”.  It is who and what this family and business is about.

Art reflects life.


In this case, Victorian life.  And the value of beer perhaps!  Behind these columns are mash tanks, and here is where the various Budweiser beers are made.  Imagine.

And the symbols here?  Look at the chandelier.  It is embellished by hops.


Of course these Clydesdales are powerful symbols of Anheuser-Busch.

two symbols

And this mash-up locates the place.

1-St Louis Waterfront Trail


Look at these poles.  Don’t they favor the Clydesdales?  These are  in Riverfront Park, and everything is intentional.


Happy New Year from St. Louis!

3 thoughts on “ART IS EVERYWHERE

  1. Looks like your family is enjoying the New Year ! I’m so glad , hope it is your best year of all !!!!
    Jim and Gloria

  2. I agree -art is everywhere! whether man-made or in nature. I love that you make me stop and appreciate this. Next blog – a winery…now that’s real art for our multiple senses. Hope to see you soon. Tracy

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