Go through Norway and Sweden first. If you hit Finland, you have gone too far.  There is a collector of sculpture of a sort outside Denmark.   If you think it is sculpture, it is.  Presentation is everything.

1-unknown sculpture

The sculptures slide along SC 321 for a distance.  Many of them look like entrances to things, as do the two columns above.  These will make sense with later pictures.  The collector is marking something.  The triangular piece above is the only one made of wood, and its letter-like shapes to a stranger are indecipherable.

1-sculpture 4

Down the line, two more “entrances” to some invisible compound are paired.

1-sculpture 3The heart of the collection is a pair of diving platforms.  One.

1-second diving board

Two.  In the foreground here, another marker features an animal on the top post and a snow globe on the lower.

1-between ohio and mississippi

The diving platforms remind me of this place.  This is a stylized river boat;  a viewing platform where one can see the merging of the Ohio and the Mississippi in Illinois.  We had lunch on those steps last week.  See?  We have whatever they have up North!

The last two objects in the collection look like bus stop shelters.

1-line up

The dark objects beyond the gates to nowhere seem to frame the mobile home.  For sure, there is no bus service out here.  This is sculpture and two is always better than one!


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