All of the Saturdays so far in this month of December have been stingy and drab.  My favorite place in the world seemed lonely today until I started looking at the architecture.

1-flea one

This place is South Carolina’s oldest flea market and advertises as such.  It is in Springfield, SC., and is run by the local police force.  Buffed up young men run around in tight t-shirts and collect seven bucks a table from the vendors.

We just noticed today that all the “permanent” buildings and tables were lifted up on pads of sand, or rather the reverse, footsteps through the years have dug away the sand around things.

1-flea two

The cedar under the roof line is fire-colored.  See the presence that the little boost of sand gives the tiny building?

1-flea three

We wanted to construct our barn in this way with a strip of cedar covering each seam underneath.  We compromised and put a cedar strip like this every 16 inches on fur plywood.  It was much less expensive.


1-flea four

Love this rusty metal door situated so nicely within a particle board surround.  Why not?

1-flea six

Crosshatch of metals.

1-flea nine

Some use the flea as their legitimate brick and mortar presence.  The above doesn’t look so strong as brick and mortar.

1-flea sevenCovered tables.

1-flea eightLines of lonely.


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