What the hell?  I could barely hear up there; my inner ear was rebelling, for sure.  Nelson, BC is alternate-reality heaven.  And presents more than one.  There is this:


A small city situated on a river which is called a lake, the landscape and inhabitants are charming.  Funky hats depicting animal heads with braids hanging, worn by men, women and babies; lots of streaming scarves, the locals really know how to dress.  No sunglasses needed in November.  No sun.  The “lake” is still too warm compared to the air, so fog and clouds are produced.  Made the mistake of telling Glenn the mountains were rounded (and at the same time thinking “Whaaaa? this is NOT Appalachia).  The mountains were not rounded, the low clouds which cut them in half made them seem so.


Better picture:  the connecting bridge is a brilliant orange, which is so appreciated in the grey of November.  Never did go across that bridge.  Was interested in only one side.  So what if you are one of THOSE kind of people, and miss the sun?  Or need the sun?  You go up to the ski resort for lunch.  Whitewater.

whitewater ski 4

The above picture give one a sense of how available the mountains are for the second reality within ten minutes. Straight up and there is the sun again, and more snow than one would want.  Me, anyway.

whitewater ski 3

What really stunned me were the trees.  Larger than anything in my inventory.  Stoic, quiet.  The higher one goes, the smaller in circumference.  It is about the weight of the snow, and how much has to be handled by the branches. Nature does everything right.

whitewater ski 2

Crowds of trees that have seen the development of the west of our continent, and knew that the earth was round before we did, also observed our petty questions.

whitewater ski 6For me, it was all about the trees.

whitewater ski 5

Maybe I can get Glenn up there to see this.  Nature boy would love the trees, too.

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