1-1946 truck

When Glenn says “Oh, man!”,  he has spotted something wonderful.  In the case of this morning, it was a Chevy truck, 1946.  This truck was also made for part of 1947, and the following truck, his 1948 Thriftmaster was also made in 1947 as well.  The invisible year.

1-one glenn's truck

The two trucks are pretty different.  One cannot help but notice the absence of the wonderful grille from the 1946, missing on the 1948.  The ’46 also stands up straighter than the ’48.  This truck was a county work truck from the St. Louis area, and ordered from the factory as Highway Department yellow.  Then it was sold to St. Francis county, the color went to a red body with black roof and fenders.  Glenn restored it to a blue, white and burnt red orange.  The wooden stakes are higher on the bed of his truck than the one we saw  this morning.

1-front of truck

This 1948 has a “Wurlitzer grille”.  Its massive shiny size against the matte body of the truck is stunning. It looks like fabulous jewelry!  Having seen the relatively new idea in Glenn’s truck magazines, some are repairing the bodies of these trucks, but keeping a matte paint job, one that reflects the colors that the truck has been in the past. Then the truck is clear coated.  Love that idea.  The truck from the flea this morning however,  is spotted like a calico cat.  Don’t think this is the aesthetic the owner was going for.  The major color on this truck “Bordeaux Maroon”.

1-front left glenn's trucl

Windshield wipers are different.

1-side of truck

The decorative air vents on the side carry on the linear theme of the front grille.  The front headlights and parking lights are much cooler on the 1946.  Questioning Glenn about this, he said that this ’46 body reflected an older style, maybe from around 1940 or 41.  WW II intervened, and questions of style were laid aside, and work was done for government use.  After the war ended, the old manufacturing tooling was in place, and Chevrolet was anxious to get to selling trucks again.  They cranked out the old body style for a while in 1947 while designing the new.  When the new body style of Glenn’s truck was ready in 1947, all was switched:  an explanation for the fairly major design changes.  Many years had blown by since the 1941 design.  A lot of life had been lived, and art/design always reflects life.

1-second side of glenn's truck


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