This is the center of our community, if you do not count the solid waste collection site.  In both places, you will run into neighbors and exchange information.  Outsiders stick out like a sore thumb, and that’s why I love to take friends to the Pig after the Saturday morning flea market.  City people have no idea there are even places like this anymore.

1-the pig

Having been here so long, they are used to me;  they call me the “art lady”.  One Saturday the old retired guy who runs the solid waste site pulled out a framed print to show me.  It was a small version of a Van Gogh painting, printed on evenly textured board.  “Look at this”, he said.  Turned it over, and in pencil was written “Van Gogh”.  In pencil, that was the big fact for him.  “I have been offered 5,000 dollars for this”.  “Take it”, I said.  “And run”.

I could not make him believe that it was not real.  My reputation as an “art lady” fell several notches in his valuation.  “But ‘Van Gogh’ is written in PENCIL!”

Now when I see him, if not at the solid waste site, at the flea market, he is polite, but doesn’t speak.  Would like to know the end of that story.

The Pig houses the only restaurant for miles around here.  That is if you don’t count the Chinese carry-out, whose motto is: “Chicken is chicken but the wing is the thing!”  I don’t count it because you cannot sit down there.

1-restaurant one

This morning the restaurant in the Pig was jumping.  We had to wait a long time for our food, so did everybody, but no one minded.  It was cold outside, down to 33 degrees.  All the local hunters were there talking about the one shot they got at a deer this morning.  And all those other shots in the past which killed nothing.


The waitresses have traded in their “I’m big on the Pig” t-shirts for new ones with pink ribbons that say “I dig the Pig”.  Big change.


Remember these hand painted advertisements from the your childhood?  They are still here, done with grace and competence.  On newsprint.  I wonder where in the world they get these done.

Only found two other examples from the web, and they are old considering the prices they advertise.  Look at the different styles.

another hand painted grocery sign

third handpainted grocery sign

This one is not from around here, for sure!  Organic?  Snow?


4 thoughts on “THE PIG

  1. Oh, those signs bring back memories. The main grocery in my hometown was Piggly Wiggly also. I remember the first time I went to the store with my mother on a day that the guy who did those signs for the window was there. I stood and watched him for over an hour as my mother shopped. That was probably my first exposure to the concept of graphic design. It’s funny the things that impress us and end up shaping some part of our being.

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