Vince Sheheen, second time candidate for Governor of South Carolina, again running against Nikki Haley, visited a Democratic party fundraiser in Orangeburg last night.  Candidates for various state offices cooked southern food, and at the end of the evening all (almost all) voted for their favorite.  It was down home South Carolina politics.


He lost last time against Nikki Haley by 4.5 percentage points.  Had Sarah Palin not come at the last minute that special November,  casting her automatic weapon upon those that would receive, he might have won.  Since then, we have had much interesting activity as the Govette marches on with the Republican thinkers.  “I have to live my philosophy”, she replied to my friend who questioned her about people in this state who needed food stamps to feed their children.

All of the pertinent information about SC taxpayers has been stolen from the department of revenue, and she was forced to buy protection for all of us for a year.  Only a year, Govette?  How about for the rest of our business lives?

And then she tried to close down our fine Arts Commission and SC public television and radio.  “There are lots of channels to watch”.

Don’t get me going.  Can you find Vince below?

1-williams one

This blog is about collecting, not politics!  We were not disappointed in this venue.  Hanging from the roof of this large party shed is everything “transportational”.  Located here were most of the railroad lanterns in the free world, deer antlers, old license plates, railroad signs, blasting horns, you name it.  Our host is a real collector.  He even had an old caboose on premises.

1-williams two

The underside of this roof was amazing.  More is more in this case.  And my person won the food vote,  Congrats to Brad Hutto!



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