As you know, South Carolina is not an asylum, because it is too big  (James Pettigrew).  In 1981, coming here to teach at Columbia College, my colleague said to me:  it seems strange but the SC State Fair is a great place to get your art seen.  Enter the thing.  Costs nothing.  Did it, won some money, but never tried again.

My husband, new to the state, missed the deadline last year.  I heard myself say the same thing to him that my colleague had said to me years ago.  Do it, it costs nothing.  He did, won some money.  How easy is this?

Maybe easy to score some money, but not easy to appreciate art in this venue.   There is something just so wrong about pegboard.


That base brown color and those round holes can destroy any work that does not possess superior inner strength.   You cannot NOT see pegboard.  It carries associations.  The back of my father’s workbench, on which tools are hung, for one thing.  Everything visible around an image factors into it.

Below in this image from a couple of years back, the entry numbers are smacked right on the picture plane, when  there is a nice information card right below the image.  Put the entry number on the card, or better, on the back of the piece. This is just rude.


The SC State Fair gives away several tens of thousands in prize money every year.  Why not go cheap one year and purchase some panels that do not destroy the spirit of the work that has been done?  And this is to say nothing about the way that the sculpture is being shown this year.  Below is Glenn’s winner, photographed in a way where the shape relationships can be seen.

1-new work glenn and lee 002-001

Below is the work displayed at the front of our house.


In the case of the front porch, the work cannot be seen as in the professional photograph; other elements on the front porch have their say as well.  But the sculpture is elevated on pedestals, and one can see the work from all sides.  Being placed on the front step removes the work a bit from the body of the porch population.  They have more power.


Here is our prizewinner amongst all the juried entries.  On the floor.  And even when not structurally necessary, the pegboard is there.  And who is responsible for this red rug??

One thought on “IT SEEMS STRANGE, BUT

  1. Your comments are well received and I understand your concerns. Have another glass of wine and forget about it. It’s the State Fair, not MOMA.

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