Awhile ago I wrote about trouble coming in groups of three.  And how we might project which three of a lot of bad experiences were the “correct”  three.   So now we have lost three cats in about a month.  This morning it was Frida.

frida and vases

We found her having seizures this morning.  The only time she could make a noise was when one grabbed her.  She had an appointment with the vet at eight this morning to check on her loose stool;  she died on the way, in my arms.  Again.  I watched her eyes go from blue to black.

frida and carlos

I guess we never even got a picture of Carlos alone.  He died a week ago; the vet neglected to give us the meds he (they) needed when we adopted them.  So went the two little miracles we had in our lives for about ten days.  Frida was so much alone this last week without Carlos.

It makes the loss of my Mouse all the worse.

1-pics from garrett's camera, glenn and lee 331

Can I ever establish companionship again with the wisest element of nature that I know?



  1. My goodness…you’ve certainly had your share of heartache.

    You always take a risk with found or shelter kitties. Two out of three of my last adoptions didn’t go so well. I adopted Phoebe and her brother from a rescue group only to find out that he had a hole in his heart. I ended up returning him to the rescue group before I became attached to him. I still have Phoebe (aka Devil Cat), but she has neurological problem that causes tics. My third adoption (Zelda) was from the APA. I had her for several weeks, but she absolutely terriorized Phoebe, so I ended up returning her. She looked like your little Freda. I decided that if I adopt again, I will adopt an adult cat. I don’t think I could go through the kitten stage again. They really are possessed for the first year.

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