Ever since Joe Wilson upchucked his famous “You Lie” at Mr. Obama’s first State of the Union address (some say he added “boy” after it), good old James Pettigrew keeps coming up.

james pettigrew

South Carolina is too small to be a republic, and too large to be a mental asylum”.  I don’t know what event proceeded this remark, but it is never far from my mind weaving through life here in the prideful deep South.

Then there is the oft repeated  “Our headline is your punchline”.  Need I discuss our former governor, Mark Sanford, and his antics?  Most everybody knows the rough story of his fall from grace, his “soul mate”;  we all saw his tears.  But did you know before his re-election to congress recently he debated a full-sized photo of Nancy Pelosi on street corners in Charleston?  And he won?

Consider this sad domino theory.  Inez Tenenbaum is an acquaintance of mine, she and her husband Sam being huge supporters of the arts.  She ran against Jim DeMint for the position of junior senator from South Carolina.  She ran a great campaign and the national press loved her.  She appealed to Republicans very creatively :  “GRITS—Good Republicans for Inez Tenenbaum”.  But she lost.  It is really unbelievable that there is a Democrat left in this state.

Seeing Inez at a holiday party right after the election, she told me Jim was unhappy in Washington.  He resigned the first of the year to take a job at the Heritage Foundation.  RESIGNED?  After all the campaigns, all the hoopla, the people who voted for him, the people who voted for Inez, and he simply doesn’t want to play any more?  Who does this  (I know) ??

So DeMint resigns, Nikki Haley appoints a new senator from Charleston, there is an open congressional seat, the one Sanford used to hold, and now he is back in there like stink on shit.

Notice that I am holding off on the connection of Sanford’s opponent being the  sister of Stephen Colbert…or that the most prominent picture of Sanford debating the cardboard Pelosi was in front of the hospital in Charleston that his opponent worked for.   You cannot make this stuff up.

But there was something else I wanted to talk to Inez about.  It was one month beyond the election.  When I got into the voting booth, my choice for US Congressman was WRONG.  The wrong guy was listed, Jim Clyburn.  We get regular mailings from Joe Wilson, the “You lie” guy.  I have sent emails to him, as we all do when something we care about is forwarded to us in email.  He always responded saying something like  “I will proudly vote this or that way”—-no care about who or what he represents.  That South Carolina pride again.

How could this happen?  Inez has run big agencies in this state.  She was Superintendent of Schools.

Currently there is a bill coming out of committee that again wants to eliminate funding for public media.  I got an email, and I contacted my senator (only one was listed;  I suppose the new appointee hasn’t got his office running yet) and representative, the one I voted for, knowing it was incorrect.  Jim Clyburn’s office responded with a nice email, but saying that persons in his district were the only ones he could directly deal with considering the amount of email and requests he receives.

I found an interactive map of the South Carolina Congressional Districts.  It is so detailed, it practically has ditches enumerated.  It says we are in Jim Clyburn’s district.  So who or what to believe?  The map, the ballot, or the two US Representatives?



  1. Joe Wilson hadn’t added “Boy” to his now infamous “You Lie” comment. It was a rumor started by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. I had written a rather sardonic commentary on this in my own blog at the time about how things are bad enough for South Carolinians without people like Ms Dowd hallucinating out loud about us in her op ed pieces. Perhaps project Vote Smart can help clarify your congressional district.

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