Two big storm systems are marching towards each other today.  Light rushes against dark, and will create a vibrant implied line, much like the circular lines made of “jewels” in the foreground.

1-new pool

The shadows seem to be working fairly realistically on the cement deck.  There was not much sun yesterday when this picture was taken.  To the left of the pots it seems like there was.

1-from pool

This picture was taken from the steps down into the pool.  Of course, this work is awaiting grout.  If you look to the very left of the picture, you can see the real shadows the pots are casting at this time of day.  The constructed shadows record the late afternoon.

1-screen printed

The second cluster of pots to the left of the steps is gaining its shadow work.  It connects to a pool rug created and grouted last summer.  This tile is screen printed, light beige and white.

1-POOL RUG 005

The second cluster of pots and their shadows connect at the lower right of the image above.

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