Last fall, “THE END OF THE SEASON AT THE POOL”  marked the end of one summer’s work.

1-pool viewPlants in the gardens around the pool deck reflect their own images.

1-POOL RUG 001

There are also plants in pots at the entry end of the pool.  They are on the other side of the deck from the gardens.  To create interest, and visual mass at that entry, the shadows of those plants are being incorporated as well.  Big dark shadows on either side of the entry will create visual weight.


shadows on pool deck 1

The shadows created on the deck record a much later point in the day than the actual shadows cast by the pots here.

shadows on pool deck 2

The “ground” gets darker, small tan tiles in a pattern change to larger, lighter ones.

1-pool deck

1-end of saturday

A variety of darks describe the shadows, mostly from a yucca in an enormous cement pot.

1-longer shot

All of the tile used in this project was free;  gathered from dumpster diving, friends and family saving for me, or designers giving me out of date samples.  Little glass “jewels” often used in my work sell at a going rate at the local flea market for about 50 cents a zipped bag.

1-shot from other side

Color is most beautiful when it changes value across a local shape.


  1. am getting “in” to it again. it is about all i can do since we got back from st louis. irritated my back with all that driving. can’t run, boo-hoo. thanks for looking, as always

  2. You are an amazing spirit. I love this little woodsy utopia you are creating out there and the mix of materials and found objects you are infusing with your unique sense of design. Whether it’s lopped off heads of flea market figurines attached to other unusual pottery relics, a wall or room’s color scheme influence by a single swipe of color in an old painting, or mosaic work that echoes the intricacies and shapes of your exquisite embroideries, it is all wonderful and all LEE!

  3. wayne, thanks for reading! it is a “woodsy utopia” as you say. but mostly i love it because i created it. and the addition of a man four years ago has really made things happen. now off to the outdoor shower! lovelee

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