1-back wall in austin

But try not to look at them.  The wall, the wall.  I am soooo hoping it is huge.  Daughter and food blogger (, Brady sent this to me from the annual BlogHer conference in Austin today.  From this detail, it looks so fine!  And if huge, the scale of using plates, back and front, Revere-ware pot lids, hammered aluminum “Lazy Susans”, everything that makes my creative soul dance, would be just right.  And mirror!  Just the thing to add motion and excitement to a piece of art.

“Scale” is the size of the elements in a work of art (plates, lids tiles, in this case) with reference to the size of the work itself.  Like scales on a fish.  The smaller they are, the more color and value can move around in the composition.  Like brushstrokes in a painting.  The artist has more chance to “talk”.  If the elements are too big in relation to the composition, they are too apparent, and stand out as “plates” instead of a simple vehicle to carry color,  texture and value around on the picture plane.

Something else to think about in this composition.  Everything is either white or shiny.  Limiting one’s self in terms of color this way, allows for all kinds of objects if the color is the same.  Many kinds and sizes of shapes can be used because they all have a common color.  Unity.

Plates are just so much fun.  The composition below is a square foot.  So the elements had to be just parts of plates.  A full plate wouldn’t work.

1-plates 1


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