And any other creative types.

This has been on my mind lately, and wondering if on base or off, I would love to hear your opinions.

My art work is known in the area of textiles, having worked this way for a very long time.


Not so much in other work that I do.  After 9/11, I just wanted to be outside.  Intense concentration for little stitches seemed to disappear.  And these works represented very personal stories, too much for me juggle with worrying about the planet and the people on it.

I looked to my other love, the flea market.  Always a collector, old stuff suggests ideas, attitudes.  I started adhering rocks to old percolators.  Loved the evocative spouts and Bakelite handles.


Which led to this.

1-grout problem

Which then led to this.


And then to this.


A composition is a composition, right?  That knowledge transfers.  There is more working and reworking of compositions with this work than there ever was with the former.  This is more “thinly orchestrated”.  The creation is like playing chess over a number of days.  Love that aspect of it.  Work a little, plant a bush, work a little, …you know.

Do I know right now what is happening in the field of art using waste?  Sculpture?  No.  Mixed media, whatever that is?  No. Do I know what HAS happened in these fields in the historical past?  Yes.  Does that mean anything?  Knowing what I do about textiles, I would say the only reason to know about textiles in history is to know what mixed messages a viewer might pick up in contemporary work.

Here is a hard one:  should one see common themes, processes, interests running through all a person’s work?  If work is personally expressive, then should a personal style of some kind  should be projected?  I can “feel” thinking in layers in all my work, but that involves the process of making more than the final image.

Does one have to build another career after switching mediums?

Maybe it is not that big a deal.  Art is art.  It should feel good when you jettison the thing.  Don’t worry about what your lines, shapes are made of.  Reveal your soul.  It is all good.  Be happy you can.  It can save your life.

Friends, give me your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “CALL FOR ARTISTS

  1. I love everything you do. I am actually inspired to think outside the box from reading your blog.

    Mac Gibbons

  2. No, I don’t think you have to create different approaches for your different styles. They were all made by you and show your diversity. I have always been here and there with my art, isn’t it a creative mind that never rests in one spot for too long? Maybe it’s ADD, I don’t know but I’ve thought too long on this now and have to move on. LOL Keep makin’ great art, now that’s whats key!

  3. thanks for your reply. i guess my problem is that i have NOT been here and there, as you say. that is what is feeling uncomfortable. ADD is a good quality for an artist, i think.

  4. In switching media, I’ve found that joining professional groups that work in your new media a very helpful thing to do. It can save a lot of time it figuring how to use new tools and to access resources. The Society of American Mosaic Artists is good for mosaics, for instance. The online group for making ceramic musical instruments has been very helpful to me for ironing out technical difficulties.

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