Slaving in the sun at the pool is in order once again.

1-pool 2013

The work from last year did not encounter any problems in the pool deck.  This year that cannot be avoided.  Taking up the work just at the deadly looking crack in the deck, Glenn said he needed about six inches on either side to smooth it out with a grinder.  I left that space and went on working so he could do the grinding at his leisure.  Just beyond that start point came a “section” line that the contractor left, and special acrylic stones are being put along that line.  Have done that all along.  They are then grouted over.  These lines are natural places for movement, and we encourage that movement to happen here.

1-other cluster of pots

In the cast shadow above, you can see that one of the four Yuccas at the pool is blooming.  They do it in pairs every year, and alternate years.  Have no idea why.


So.  This cement deck is huge.  In terms of connecting its design with the already tiled wall, the gardens all around, the pool equipment all around, a designer would say to emphasize something, and do it in the language already being used.  The collection of cement planters which have been acquired through the years are already doing that.  But this pool is a busy place with all the frenzy of tile.

Decided to record the cast shadows of the pots and Yucca at about 3:30 PM by tracing them on the cement deck.  Tile in that area will be darker than the deck, providing visual relief from all the activity and add drama to each side of the pool steps.  The shadows will be correct only once a day:  wonder how the constructed shadow will interact with the physical one as it moves.  Will be fun to observe.

1-pool entry

Above contains a close-up of the little acrylic stones used in the contractor’s expansion cracks.  They will be grouted over with the rest of the tile.  Also, you can see the shadow cast by the bannister leading down into the pool.  Going to make a sundial out of that shadow, and visually record  several points and the time of day.  Fun!


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