Gelding Games with Cinco and Poppy

These are my grandchildren, peeps!

From Hey! to Horses

Nearly every day lately I look out the window or walk into the barn and see a variation of tag going on between Cinco and Poppy.  The first time Buck and I saw them play were just stood dumbfounded with grins on our face, so happy to see these guys enjoying each other so much.

If Cinco wanted to hurt Poppy he totally, totally could.  But as you can see from the video, Cinco only hints at bucks and kicks, totally knowing he can’t follow through.

Before Cinco moved in with us his favorite pasture mate was a blind miniature horse, a little bigger and certainly less playful than Poppy.  When we got Poppy we hoped Cinco would have a similar attachment to him.  It took months before they bonded like this, but now I’m so, so thrilled they seem to be such buddies!


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