We all want to write books.  My (kind of) stepsister, a well-known New Yorker, wrote one called “Decorating on a Dime”.   She is not afraid of work.  She is an entrepreneur, after having been a television personality.  She worked for NBC in St. Louis for no pay for a while to prove herself.  Rich people can do that.

I can remember when she was billed as a “fashion expert” on the Today show years ago.  Whaaa?  She willed herself to be expert at anything.  And she sold it well.  Took this gig and parlayed it into a big business that promotes local places to visit on hotel television channels.  Again amazing.

So she wrote this book.  And we were all in Delray Beach, as we often were, falling out of bed early to get to the fabulous Ft. Lauderdale flea market.  Even the kids wanted to go.  Can you believe it, there is a live circus in a central building!

Christy had just written her book.  I thought, well here is something we can teach her.  Her flea markets were in NYC and not near as amazing or cheap.  She did not come with us.

They are newlyweds, my step-father Sidney said.  Christy and Neil are on their own time.  Later we had dinner in an outside-friendly Italian restaurant in Boca, and got to know Neil a little.  Brilliant guy.  As we left the restaurant, Christy had a discussion with the hostess posted under the tent as to how the restaurant could be better run.  Amazed at the depth of this spur of the moment conversation.  I can still see Christy’s body posed.


I can also see Neil’s figure at the hors d’oeuvre table after Sidney’s funeral.  He tilted forward and down as he chose some food.  There were seven day candles lit, and some mournful singing was going on in the apartment.  Not sure if we spoke that day.  It was a bad day.  Hot day in July in St. Louis.


And then Neil was just gone, gone on the day that none of us will ever forget.  Having had worked for NY Gov.  George Pataki, Neil was the new Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  He was having a breakfast meeting in the restaurant “Windows on the World”  in one of the towers.  His driver made it down and out, his briefcase made it down and out, he stopped to help a woman and his body was not found until the next March 5.  He was almost out.


Please go see a “real” blogger at   She is smart, writes like a dream, and has done loads for me.  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “FOR YOU: BOOK PEEPS.ORG

  1. Oh, Lee… I am speechless. This is so beautifully written and so so sad. None of us will ever forget “that day”. The loss of your step-sister’s husband is so tragic but I hope of some comfort to his loved ones that he gave his life to help another. The message I got from this is a reminder to embrace each moment and never take anything in life for granted; even the seemingly insignificant things. Thank you so much for this. Love, BP

  2. I was wondering why I didn’t remember that image of Neil you describe (though I do remember eating with him in Florida, particularly sea food in a low-ceilininged restaurant). The funeral you speak of, however, was when I was in Kenya. I was just thinking about missing Sidney’s funeral this week while on an early morning run. Why on earth did that enter my head?

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