Mother’s Day 2013 was brilliant in its perfect weather.

1-lee and poppy

This is my baby, Poppy.  He is 30 inches tall and five years old.  He is two toned from head to toe.  His mane looks like a very very bad wig.  This is the most endearing quality of our sweet Poppy.  Below is me, trying to take a better picture of Poppy for you.


He moved.

Normally his shock of black hair hangs in his eyes.  My daughter has taken to winding it up in a covered rubber band lately, so he looks a lot like Pebbles Flintstone.  It is great to see his (yes) blue eyes.

poppy's forehead

In the five minutes we were in this part of the yard, he walked up to me at least three times.  Such a lover.  He is a gelding, and my daughter’s oldest boy, Cinco,  is as well. Cinco is also five, and I love that for them.  They play running games.  Little Poppy will bite Cinco (not a miniature) in the hip?? flank?? and then they will both take off running.  They have six acres and six pastures.  Through a series of gates, you can open, connect and restrict at will.  They run wherever they can.

See them run: poppy.

brady's front yard

gorgeous day

Gorgeous, gorgeous day.


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