Wish all customers were like Mike.  He gives me interesting venues in which to work:  bathrooms, outdoor showers, kitchens.  Glenn once did a Lascaux-like painting in a different part of his bathroom from where my arrowhead mosaic is.  Mike is the most unusual art collector in my experience.  And whether it is conscious or not, he totally understands the tailoring of one’s living space for personal pleasure and needs.

He excavates and recycles buildings, and finds lots of great stuff as a by-product.  If he likes the stuff, he pairs the items with rocks and has piles of these sculptures around his acreage.  If he doesn’t care for the stuff, he gives it away.  Like to me.  The other day an old leather basket in which farriers carry nails (or used to).

1-leather basket

Do what you want.  I don’t care.  And as he says these words, he moves his body further away as if his being too much in the conversation will spoil my ideas.


So now Mike wants to save a tree.  Glenn cleaned out the wound, packed with with appropriate patch cement, leaving a picture plane for a cubist face.

The face starts on the kitchen table.

1-early cubist face

And undergoes changes on the kitchen table.

1-cubist face

Now to get it transferred to the tree and grouted where it will undergo still more changes.   The glass tile and broken glass in the profile image on the right will shine when car headlights hit it.

1-far away shot


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