But in an orderly fashion.  I did not know if this would work when first addressing this problem.  The idea calls upon good design principles, but what idea does not?

In an effort to cram more stuff into the studio, moving the custom made (for someone else) shelving unit to behind the bed seemed a good idea.

1-new bed

Then Tex Beneke‘s old refrigerator and some old kitchen cabinets could be moved into the kitchen from the barn.  Want to make an old kitchen to complement the current one in the studio to further a design idea and get stuff out of the barn.

So what did we find behind the shelving unit when we moved it?  A whole lot of unpainted wall.  That original color paint is long gone.  Looking at the  big naked square shape left from the unit, and then to the unit in its new place, almost the same size,  can I work with this repetition, use another color to to fill in the square, and make the idea seem intentional?  Would the two shapes work together, even if one is a shelving unit and one is just painted?

(Something on my Facebook news feed from this morning was just brought to mind.  A delightful southern lady muses: “another day is gone where I had no need to use algebra”.  Amen.  NOT SO DESIGN PRINCIPLES!)

Below is what we found after moving the unit, and after I installed a faded-to-blue poster of one of Picasso’s “Weeping Women”.


After taking down the old poster, the edges of the rough square had to be trued up.  Found paint from another project in a very light yellow shade.  White feels unfinished.  This yellow does not.

Think “Mark Rothko” when viewing this kitchen “vignette”.


We viewed a Rothko exhibition at the Columbia Museum last winter.  Maybe that was where the idea of unfinished edges looking finished in my kitchen was generated (of course, there is much more to Rothko’s work than simple rough edges).


Moved one of our dinette sets to be centered on the yellow strip between the kitchen and the door.  It also separates the two living areas.  1-dinette set

1-full view new kitchen

1-back of studio

One more piece goes into the kitchen between the little cabinet and the dinette set,  and it is now on the back porch of the big house.

1-new oven

This mid century roaster will go into the new kitchen to give it the first oven it has ever had, and more storage.  Problem is, there is a nest and three eggs in the top.  Two Carolina Wrens are fighting the move.

One thought on “MAKING DO WITH LESS

  1. definitely works well, Designer!!! Getting to read your thinking is so fun, and seeing the studio makes me long for you, and appreciate having been there!!!

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