A couple of posts ago, I tried something found in my current book.  Reading Jane Smiley‘s “Moo“, within the complex story is a student at Moo University rewriting the same story over and over again in a writing class.  Interesting process to read about, and to do.  One time, the prof said to write the same story again from a different point of view.  Brain-stretching, I thought.  This would be good for me too.

So next post, I wrote from the point of view of the cast away things that make up my art these days.  Thus, the post “I AM TRASH”, exists as opposed to my writing a statement about a new piece and its influences. (actually tried to submit that blog post as an artist statement for an upcoming show, but that pushed the envelope too far).

I AM TRASH described new work and the part of Japanese aesthetics which compelled me to make my work, and to honor the history of the so-called medium.

art window

Truth is stranger than fiction.  Above is a piece from a group of naive painted images by passionate hobbyists that hangs on the front porch.

1-broken window

And above the same piece after strong winds sent here from the land of Moo tore the window from its nail.  Putting my money where my mouth was, I glued the broken piece back in and outlined it with gold.  Now it has more history.


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