My efforts from last winter are bearing fruit (so to speak).  Look at my ten year old Yoshino Cherry tree.  It has never had leaves this size before.   Deer kept them trimmed all year.

yoshino cherry

Not only does the tree-pee provide a barrier, it has moving elements made of old vines that could scare a nosy deer.  It also has upsetting branches that lay on the ground around the tree and tip up.  In years to come we might be able to see a  blossom on this tree!

full tee pee

The snow ball bush is also growing well.  They are such amazing plants.  Have observed that they bloom on last year’s wood.  The whole top of the bush which at this time parallels the  top of its tree-pee is vacant of blossoms.  Next year, it will be spectacular.  How interesting this will be as the bush and the tree-pee integrate as one in future!

snowball bush

entire tree-pee

See the spikes which upset the little hooves?

The pyracantha had to be protected too.  Was surprised that the bush got new leaves all winter, but this week’s progress went gangbusters.  This was partially due to the fine spring weather, our irrigation system (plus very good rain), and the tree-pee over the garden.  The deer love this bush.

Below is the bush from the middle of last winter, with the snow ball bush behind it.

1-two finished

growing pyracantha

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2 thoughts on “WORKING TREE-PEES

  1. Congrats on proving yourself smarter and more creative than your average deer – I always knew it.


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