This is MY blog.  It does not have to be about art or art from waste, or gardens from propagation, yadda, yadda.  Some of my high school friends have been talking about UFOs.  Had an experience years ago, and will lay it down here.

If you google “UFO sightings”  you can find the evening.  It was August 29, 1979.

I was in grad school, it was summer session, and living about thirty miles from school in DeKalb, Il., it was a short drive really from the close town of Geneva.  There was an oil crisis at that time, and I had just bought a 1979 Renault LeCar, without a radio.  People were snapping those cars up like crazy even without the stuff you would probably put in a car as accessories.  That is part of the story.

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Coming home late from a night class, it was hot, and the windows were down.  Remember I had no radio.  On that road back to Geneva, it was dark, and I don’t remember any little crossroads where lights would be until one was very near the cities of Geneva, Batavia, and St. Charles.  So the windows were open and there was no interior noise.

I became aware of lights above me and it seemed strange because there was no associated noise.  Total quiet.  There were two.  They traveled above me, at my speed and hovering.  One would leave the site of the car and veer off to the left for a bit, and then come back to the car.  The other one would then veer off to the right for a while, then return.  They pretty much did this repeatedly for maybe 15 minutes as we were in the most vacant part of the road between DeKalb and Geneva.  I remember them being colored, but at this point am not sure of the colors.

The night class ended late, and I had a early class the next day.  Decided not to mention this experience, and went right to bed.  Up early the next morning, with no time for media, and no radio in the car, my experience was still my own with no input from anyone or anything else.

Got to my job at the slide library in the art department, and there were headlines on the morning paper from Sycamore, Il about UFO sightings all around the area.  My commute from Geneva to DeKalb went south of Sycamore.

At that point, I did not feel so crazy!  And when experiencing the lights the night before, did not feel afraid.


6 thoughts on “UFO SIGHTING

  1. Thank you for sharing the ufo story. I suspect most everyone has experienced ufo activity at some point in their life. Also, there are a few accounts of crop circles being created by a rapidly moving dot of light. Interesting to ponder a subject that has been witnessed by so many over the ages, yet nobody really knows what it is .

  2. Mom and I saw a UFO in Orangeburg in 1994. We were in the WalMart parking lot and it consisted of colored lights and no sound…. Just hovering. Everyone saw it but strangely we all just stared. No panic and very little reaction. The next day someone called the local radio station about it and the DJ was making light of it. Mom got so mad she called the radio station and chewed them out! I love these stories of these experiences. I have no idea what we truly saw but I know I’ll remember it til the day I die.

    • Isn’t it odd that there is no fear? Is it because we are so programmed to believe we couldn’t be seeing what we are seeing? Was it the old Walmart lot before they moved across the road?

      • It was incredibly strange… people standing around looking up at it but no one said anything in particular. And I mean, this is WalMart – it was a lot of people. ;o) It has been so long since I’ve been to WalMart but I know this was the location on North Road (?) on the left with a small strip mall included in it. At least that is how I remember it! I remember more about the situation than the location! I just know it was nested in the clouds but didn’t seem very high up. There were several colors of light and it seemed as if we were seeing the bottom of something. It was too low to be hovering that way and particularly to be completely silent. I remember just being in awe.

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