1-sports glass

Don’t know what else to call them.  The pairings are not of objects of the same shape, color, or category.  But they have a common denominator as in the pair above.  The old potato chip can and the glass both feature sports activities.  So that makes them fair game to be “mates” in the interior landscape.  In fact there are two of these glasses and two cans all on a hammered aluminum lazy susan  in the kitchen.

1-second glass

Intellectual pairs can interact with one another.  The pair below are in no way alike other than their physical action.  Their juxtaposition creates a visual conversation between them, based on their relative positions (see “SYMBOLS’ at

1-figure pair

1-two paintings

These two works, which live in the red and white kitchen are both one dollar wonders from the local flea market.  The top one is an oil (and created by a fairly well know SC artist;  she would be miserable if she knew her work was on the market in this way) and the bottom a collage including paper, fabric, and acrylic paint.   They are paired because they create an interesting visual conversation.  The red ground color in the bottom image is the figure in the top image.  The color of the ground in the top image is used in the bottom one.  They employ similar shapes and lines.  They are good together.


My precious Picasso poster, which I love because Picasso so effectively plays with figure and ground here, is pared up with one of my husband’s impressionistic sculptures.  The figures are basically in the same scale, and interact with each other taking the two compositions as one.

1-music room

In the corner of the music room, my old lawn chair and the ceramic sculpture behind it have amazingly similar surfaces.  They were made to be shown together!  This chair is of a much higher grade than the dozens we have outside.  It is aluminum!  And it has been clear-coated to make its surface very shiny and protect the white carpeting.


In fact, everything placed in the music room is there because it is basically black and white.  All are  speaking with the same visual language.


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