English: Tex Beneke
English: Tex Beneke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, we have Tex Beneke‘s old refrigerator.  Tex gave it to Glenn when he moved from St. Louis years and years ago.  It is sadly still in the barn as we have not found a place for it yet.  It might be interesting on the back porch, as a kind of depression era statement, representing the decade when this house was built.  Of course that would displace what already lives there.  *Sigh*, I need another house.

We love that old fridge because of its age, its legs, and the white enamel surface.  That’s the main part.  We also collect old metal kitchen cabinets with, or well beyond, their clean polished white surfaces.



Glenn came home from St. Louis last weekend with this little gem that he bought at auction.


This could be used on the back porch as well.  That is where it is now that the porch is empty of all the plants that normally reside there.  There is another like this inside that we use as a little addition to the kitchen,  outside the kitchen proper.  We use it as a little coffee bar, just like a motel.  All the tools for making coffee and tea are housed there, as well as cups.  We aspire to be like a motel!

1-second cabinet

We have at least two tabletops in storage waiting for the making of legs to finish them off.  Below a miscellaneous small table top just fits a steel frame and we use it near where we burn and cook hot dogs.

1-small table

The best enamel table we have is one given me by my mother.

1-table top


It is from the 1930s, and it is mixed here with chairs from the fifties.  In the foreground is another red chair with one of my collection of toy appliances used as a side table.  Have lots of those all over.  The table is placed within a square defined in the kitchen by four black tiles.  Having ALMOST enough tile to do the kitchen and great room, I had to insert a couple of tile rugs, one in each room to stretch the tile.  The white within the tile rug is a little lighter, but difficult to see here.  The table has an ornate wooden base, and it is in its smaller position.  It pulls apart to reveal a leaf, also decorated.


Ugo Mochi is an artist of some significance.  Starting as a silhouette artist using lots of animals, part of his business was devoted to what he calls “porcelain tabletops”.  Look at this link:


1-two ebonette

Love the way my Knowles Ebonette looks on the Ugo Mochi!


4 thoughts on “TEX BENEKE’S FRIDGE

  1. Great essay, Lee. I enjoyed your comments about your kitchen area. Do you burn and cook the hot dogs or cook and burn them? Harry

  2. i should have edited more carefully! the table is near where we burn stuff cleared from the woods, etc, and also where we cook (and burn) hot dogs. garrett is always a bit confused about the burned/cooked hot dogs. we tell him they are not good unless they are burned,

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