It is difficult to calculate where there is enough light to introduce ornamental trees when you live on acreage surrounded by woods.  There are also micro climates within our space which are so topical now that we are having our coldest series of days of the winter.  Remembering in the past that  it would get so cold here I would sleep in the studio and keep the greenhouse door open so the studio heat would migrate there, we have not had those temps for years now.  The cold wave we are now having is a low of 27 degrees, and just enough to damage things that are now budding in mid-February.

1-outside wall

The image above shows three redbud trees living outside the stucco wall surrounding the pool.  They were all planted at the same time.  It has to be light that dictates their size differences.  Or not?

1-fourth redbud tree

It may be hard to see, but there is a fourth redbud tree inside the pool wall to the right.  It is the only tree inside the pool area.  It is about as big as the tree to the far left, and that may be the reason for the slight size of the tree in the outside line.  Also, the redbud inside has its purply pink buds and those outside do not.  It must be warmer in there, but the wall is only four feet high.

1-two trees

Above is the redbud that is already budding.  I have to highlight my early gardening stupidity here.  Two tiny (like three inch) redbuds were planted here in 1997.  Why on earth did I think that two trees would merge into one?  And the form of the redbud is completely destroyed when mistakes like this are made.  All these trees came from seedlings around another tree.

blooming redbud

Redbuds can have a fine shape when one does not try to create a bizarro pair of conjoined twins.  Hate when I do that.


One thought on “A STUDY OF LIGHT

  1. Is there water in the pool? I would think that large a body of water could thermally affect the soil temperature around that tree? Water retains heat.

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