The following are my grandchildren.  They are not human.

1-bertha and lee

This is Bertha, and she has been around just since winter after she was in a bad trailer accident in Pennsylvania.   She is a sweet girl who loves chunks of apples.

1-bertha's scars

We are lucky to have her.  Her companion in the trailer died after they were divided from their truck and went down a forty foot ravine.  Brave Bertha, after all that in the winter snow, got right back into a new trailer.  Remembering a time earlier in my daughter’s horse career, we know that sometimes it takes an hour to get a horse to take a step!

1-little one

This is Little One, and she came from Virgina with Bertha after the accident.  Little One is Bertha’s mother.  She is 25 and so educated and dependable.  She loves apples too, which is how I got her to love me.  If you want, give!

lucy and cinco

Better pictures will come later of these two, but my pride in my daughter’s compositional skills forced me to incorporate the banner from her blog “From Hey! to Horses” at  In the foreground is Lucy who has the best mane and tail, and also runs the place actually.  She is a nice girl due to “Mare Magic”.   Cinco, sweet boy is peeping out the barn door to see if Lucy will let him out yet.  Cinco is Bertha’s baby, and is my daughter’s first horse.  Cinco and Lucy were the first horses to inhabit this fine little farm in many years.

So sweet Cinco now has his mother and grandmother living with him.  As I write this sentence, I am wondering how he feels about this.

lucy and poppy

Here is Lucy from another side.  She is beautiful and strong willed.  She wants all the apples.

1-cinco saddled up

Above is an oldish picture of Cinco when he was learning to wear a saddle.  Cinco was not broke when they were given him.  They have been the recipients of lots of advice as neither were horse people when they fell into this lifestyle.  They joke that they are the only horse people who have learned so much elementary information (the kind of stuff you would know if you grew up in a horse family) from  YouTube.

1-poppy and bertha

The newest member of our family is on the right, the one with the bad hair.  Poppy is five years old; the same age as Cinco.  Poppy is in love with Bertha.  Everybody is in love with Poppy.  He is 30 inches tall and a miniature horse.  He is my sweet baby.

herd 2

Here is a better picture of Poppy’s bad hair.  His wig is nicely parted down the middle, however.  He takes good care.  Also pictured are Lucy, Bertha, Danny, and I cannot tell if the fourth horse is Cinco or Little One.

Why the long face, Poppy?



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