1-my favorite thing-001

This ashtray is one of my favorite things.  Bought at a flea market in Rome (not Georgia), it perfectly expresses my feelings about all machinery.  And anything with chips in it (not flaws in china).  It is a Limoges piece, it is signed, and it wishes me a Merry Christmas on the back.  It also states that it has been painted by hand, these facts in Italian, of course.


Europeans are  so unselfconsciously artful.  It feels so different there compared to our expansive passivity.  Less expression says so much more, like the funny figure lost in the spaces between keys.  We are too wordy.

My students used to ask why the nude was used so much in art imagery.  The simple answer is that it makes the statement more universal.  Figures are not attached to a point in time as determined by clothing.  The abstraction of the man above approaches this ideal (the use of the word “ideal” should also be connected to the Greeks and their art) however.  His image simply says “man”.  Any man.  He is almost nude.


My husband loves this  lady.  He is all about the figure, perfect proportion, and romanticism.  He is less interested in commentary in his images.  Or he was.

As artists, the longer we live together the more our work approaches the other in style and content.  This excites me but leaves me confused about my work.  It is not like it was, but that may not be a bad thing.

Where Glenn was once doing this:

1-glenn's work 008

He is now doing this:


Where I was once doing this:


Now I am doing this:



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