For a possible commission, two whole days have been wasted in driving for hours to meaningless meetings, one day about 18 months ago, and now today.  I was to meet with an administrator who likes a drawing someone else did for an important space in his workplace, and he never showed.  To be fair, he lost his interior designer and they are trying to move forward without her.  Someone who works for his foundation was there.

I designed four or five possible options for this piece for the designer, now gone, and she approved my work. They are good, contemplative, innovative, and made from material that otherwise would be in the landfill.  For her own use and before my involvement, the designer had her art teacher mother whip up a space saver drawing so she could insert it in the mock up for the job.  The best way to describe that drawing would be that it is a tree, in the style of  “My Little Pony“.  Have no idea whether that television juggernaut still haunts the cartoon channels, but our family spent a lot of time with ponies in the late eighties and nineties.

We had had this appointment for more than a month.  All day yesterday was spent putting 36 images on a CD with which they could see similar works for similar clients, ideas for them, details.  This administrator was not there the first time I was asked to come and speak, and he was not there again today.

The foundation person did not have the rudimentary knowledge of the differences between art media.

Our discussion:

If you want the piece to look like this, fantasy-like, pastel, and not textural, you need to use glass, not mosaic.  Oh, okay.  Thanks for giving me the “heads up”.  Did your boss see the drawings that were submitted last time I spoke to your foundation?  Yes, but he did not like those as much as this.  Why did you ask me to come here?   I do not work in glass.  Where is he?  No answer.

Who is going to advise you as to whether the work is good or not?,  I said handing her my ten page resume of the last thirty years of my artistic life.   She took me into the space.  There is going to be a painting here and one over there to work with the major artwork.  What will they look like?  I cannot describe them, but I saw one on the web that has a bird in it.  Although that is unusual for her work.  She is all over the place really.  A friend of a friend of a friend.  You know.

My thought:

Oh Gawd now there is no job where there was one, how does a clueless non-business person turn this into a job again?  I hate money.

Then she said that maybe another visit to a foundation meeting should be made to speak to the group.  This was after my stealth decision that we should talk to each other and get to know each other as people.  She talked for thirty minutes.  And she kind of came around.  At the end of the soliloquy, we agreed that they would brainstorm and try to think about what  it was they wanted depicted.  And why.  And how.

This was a sad meeting for me.  I have been waiting for this job for a while, nice inside job, nice pay.  I learned a long time ago, during my cancer years, that nothing combats pain and feeling helpless like physical action.  So  on the way home from that surreal meeting today I went to my local office  and applied for Social Security.  What they are giving me is huge, and this freedom is POWER.



  1. I am glad you visited with the Soc. Sec. people. They are very helpful and your check will always arrive (or be deposited) ON TIME. No waiting unlike waiting for payment for art projects completed.
    Hopefully something will come of all your efforts with the “no show” administrator.

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