How is it that things can “feel” like the decade of the 1950s?  Perhaps that understanding comes only to people who cannot do math.  Their brains are focused on other things.  My grandparents at one point in their lives were very cool, I think.  Never had the opportunity to speak about that to them.  In Denver, they had a fabulous home that was very much influenced by the Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright.  There were at least four different levels to the house with some rooms on their own cantilever.  The room we sisters slept in overlooked a flat roof with gravel as the finish.  I wish someone would have spoken to me about that.  It was amazing;  this house was not like our suburban post-war home.  It was a family joke that I nicknamed that house the “1000 dollar house”.

That same room held amazing (now) artifacts.  How fabulous it would be to now have one of those banks where a spaceship loaded a nickel into a moon for safekeeping after you pulled the spaceship back and let go.

On the ground floor of the same house, we ate on plates that looked like constellations and planets.  This was before “The Jetsons“.    They  were very much influenced by Joan Miro, who must have had his second coming about 30 years after his first important appearance.  I think that the late fifties to the early sixties was the first recycle.


Jackson Pollock‘s mature work channels the “atom bomb” of WWII.  Art is magic that way.  The phase of the moon aggregates us to wander amicably (or not so amicably)  and some are shamen.  Much of the mid-fifties art production has that feel of nucleus and electrons orbiting around.  Music was submitted to this same thing of course.  The arts are so fabulously reflective!


1-two ebonette

Here are a couple of examples of the compositions on my mid-century Knowles Ebonette plates.  Each one is different.


And here is a composition on a lamp that we have on the back porch from the same mid-century time period.  Look how similar the lines are to the ones on the Ebonette plates.  Below is a similar lamp shade from that same time and reflecting similar linear interest.  It is so great to find a pattern in anything;  it is like you have found the truth.

1-another lamp


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